Starting the day off right with a brand new air conditioning unit

We had a brand new home, brand new grass and one thing was missing.

A brand new air conditioning unit was not in the home.

The new home was purchased and had an old rickety air conditioning unit. We were displeased with it, and we knew we wanted to update the heating and cooling equipment in the house. We asked neighbors and friends what they think we should do. We were going to either repair most of what we had in the house or we were going to get a brand new set of heating and cooling equipment in the house. We debated for a while and came to the conclusion that if we didn’t replace the entire air conditioning unit we would regret it. After all, the summer was starting and the hot summer was going to surely bring very hot days. The last thing I would want is a big party or barbeque at my house when my air conditioning unit went off. Sometimes I tended to get my units checked and prolong the life of them, but this time I didn’t want to cut corners with the new house. We made sure we had state of the art appliances and a brand new insulation of course was built in. We had an in ground pool to help cool us down in the summer too. We were thankful and very excited. When the air conditioning company came to put a new unit in, it took them no longer than 4 hours. We were impressed.

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