The hikes we took were amazing but better thanks to our cabins great tools

We had amazing times hiking outdoors, we had the best camp personnel and amazing stories to tell by the fires. We went sometimes to camp in the fall but usually in the summer. One thing made our trips much better, we learned how to keep cool and how to stay hydrated in our camp class of survival. We made our camp instructor install new air conditioners after two long summers of the HVAC units going out over and over again. We called and tried to have them repaired quickly the last few summers but nobody came fast and it took a while for them to get to us in the mountains. We didn’t want to wait and rely upon an HVAC company to come out to us each summer, we wanted to enjoy our hikes so we can come back to the pool and kick off our shoes. We had big parties, and one of our campground guys was actually a former plumber and HVAC technician and he told us that the old systems needed to be changed a while ago. We were happy to have big summer parties with a new condo with new appliances and we even got new washer and drying machines too for our clothes. Two months of paradise in the summer was going to be awesome. We swam, played hide and seek and I fell and scraped my knee on a few rocks. We got back, I bandaged it up and I was just really glad to be in the nice cool air hanging out by our new HVAC system. I was really already looking forward to the next summer.

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