The main reason we always double check our heating and cooling equipment

We have had a few trips go not as planned for us.

We were always safe but inconvenient things like the air conditioner going out on us was a hassle.

More than 4 times on our trips we had a heater or air conditioning unit break. We were baffled, and couldn’t accept staying somewhere again without our own reliable cool air source. We wanted to hike, travel, sight see and do tons of amazing things we couldn’t do because we were so sweaty and tired, we needed to cool off and relax when we got back to the cabin. We checked in our things from the car, got into the lodge and settled in. I worked in HVAC repair actually, and my wife was a nurse. We decided to book the same lodge we did last year, it was supposed to be a hot summer so we brought canopies, sunscreen and many other things to help with the heat. We had a new lodge this time, the last lodge we rented was old and had a noisy air conditioning system. Repairs or HVAC repair technicians reaching us in the mountains took a while and we were tired of waiting for the help, I started debating whether or not I should bring my tools on vacation with us. I knew how to fix an air conditioner obviously because of my job, but I didn’t want to work or even think about work on our vacation. I loved what I did but I’d rather not have to fix one again at our lodge because our trip was ruined from the last one, so we decided to avoid that problem all together.


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