The only AC repair tech in town

Our town is small enough that there are very few businesses, and not more than one of anything.

In the 60s, a second gas station opened up, but didn’t last for a year before it went under. The town wasn’t big enough to support two gas stations, you see? One was all we needed. Same with the grocery store, we just have the one. One library, one stop light, one liquor store, and so forth. As you would imagine, this can lead to some conflicts of time management, when all of a sudden one person is in high demand. Such is the case with Al, the local HVAC repair tech… or at least the closest thing we have to that. I asked to see his HVAC certification once, and the paper he showed me was ten years old, from another state, and not in his name. But he seems to know how to fix air conditioners, so why would I say anything about it? Also, who would I tell? Al is the only guy in these parts that can fix an air conditioner, regardless of if he has the right paperwork. In another place, there would be options for other HVAC techs to call, but we are all alone in the Big Nowhere out here. The only other option, I know from experience, is to go to Walmart and buy a new AC unit. I hope Al doesn’t read this, because if he thinks he’s being made fun of at all, he won’t fix my AC the next time I need him.

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