The winter we all had to bundle up taught us a valuable lesson about preparation

One winter we rented a mountain lodge on the frozen lake.

We loved ski trips there and other activities, and this time we rented a different place than the year before.

We had 5 people with us and there were 8 total. We packed in the cabin, played cards, unwound and got the trip planned for the next few weeks. We checked the insulation and the place seemed sturdy with old thick wood. It had a slop sink, stove, kitchen and big glass windows. We knew it would be pretty cold if anything happened in a snowstorm, but we didn’t expect the heater to go out as it did. We surely thought to ourselves that it would be fine even though it was old and noisy. After all most cabins in the area had old heaters, or old appliances that made noise. Air vents, crawl spaces, heating equipment and other things we usually explored on our trips after we learned our lesson a few summers ago. Our air conditioner went out a few times, so we weren’t on our first rodeo at all. We loved new places and taking risks, but we didn’t see the 5 feet of snow coming at the same time our heater went out. That made repairs or any heater repair man coming to us very challenging and it took much longer than anticipated for him to arrive. From the day we thought we got there and prepared until the fourth night we had no heat. We had our body heat, blankets, insulation and the warm fire which wasn’t bad, but the old place seemed to be slightly drafty and without the big heating system going from upstairs, the cold air crept in slowly.


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