Tossing any notion of irresponsibility out this summer

Last summer we threw a few pastries in a few months and mainly, they all ended up not so well for us and the guests, mainly the guests.

  • We had a new home with lush gardens and a big area for eating.

We had new insulation added, new solar panels and overlooked one major thing, our air conditioner being fixed or even being able to survive for a while! We were shocked and confused to have it break as soon as our first big summer party broke out. We had cake, a wedding to plan and other activities going on like a college graduation at our mansion estate. We had a thousand people in the big dining hall when the HVAC system magically went out. We didn’t expect it, as the home was newer and recently renovated. Imagine telling everyone the recently rented estate to come to would be so opulent and amazing only to have faults in the systems like the air conditioner. We were embarrassed but learned our lesson. This fall we are going to plan, prepare and troubleshoot any issues with the home that we had. We want to stay on top of our heating and cooling equipment not only to save money and time but to save headaches and trouble with guests. We want a steady reputation as good hosts in our new community, and what good would our new home do without heating and cooling equipment that worked well? We work hard to have what we do, and we want to spend the extra effort and money in having nice things.

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