Wait, you’re supposed to scrub your HVAC ducts?

Wait, you’re supposed to scrub your HVAC ducts? Was the exact question I had asked the Heating as well as A/C serviceman that had come over to my home to take a look at a concern I had been having, but looking back at it now, it seemed prefer such a stupid plus blatant question, even though I really didn’t suppose that was something that was even done.

  • As dumb as it may sound, I was consistently under the impression that my heating plus a/c proposal was this self maintaining thing that only needed help if something was wrong, plus then you called the guy to maintenance it.

I had been having trouble feeling any air coming out of my air vents, but the air was still cold plus so the cooling system was still blowing cold air plus that wasn’t the problem. But I could hardly think any air coming out of there. When the Heating as well as A/C serviceman took a look inside my HVAC ducts he saw they were both filthy plus jammed plus that was the cause of the blockage. He got straight to labor carefully cleaning plus removing all the dirt plus grime, while I watched as giant chunks of dirt came out. It was disgusting however effective because when he was finished I paid him plus he left. I then went over to my thermostat plus turned on the cooling system plus was relieved to think a giant cool blast of cold air come out of the air vent above me. It was fixed at last plus I added routine Heating as well as A/C maintenance on my list of things I like to do so it doesn’t happen again.

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