We had amazing trips with our Uncle and were glad he was a handyman

Uncle Ted taught us many things on our trips, and he got us out of more than a few bad situations.

He was a plumber and retired HVAC technician, he fixed many of our cabins things for us whenever we went on our summer trips.

One time we had a lot of people over our cabin after we went white water rafting and my Uncle came over and taught us how to fix our HVAC the night it went out. We listened and tried to learn but there were many issues associated with the HVAC machine. There are old wires, new wires and rust damage to assess too. Lots of work and patience can go into fixing heating and cooling equipment, especially when it is older or more complex. Sometimes fixing an air conditioner can take all day, my uncle said. It’s an interesting trade, but it’s not as messy as some like plumbing or welding. They both require dealing with temperatures and tight spaces too! There is a lot that Uncle Ted taught us, and about three times he has fixed one of our major pieces of equipment while camping. Other times when Ted comes with us he just manages the cooking and the fire for the younger kids. Ted is a great role model and we’re happy he taught us so much. The next time my neighbor needs help fixing his heater or HVAC machine, not only will I call Ted to brag, but I’ll let him know he taught me good! Ted is someone I want to be like, even when he’s heated!
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